Custom Hardscape Steps

Lawn Care and Maintenance

If you're ready to enjoy your property without the annoyance of maintaining it, allow TriCounty Landscape Creations to keep your residence, HOA, or business property in top shape.  We offer a variety of maintenance services to keep your property looking luscious. 

Mowing: We offer weekly mowing contracts for residential and commercial customers. We mow to the best height for the type of grass you have in your lawn, making sure to get in all the hard to reach places with string trimmers where necessary. We prefer to cycle the clippings back into the lawn instead of bagging them because this restores nutrients back into the lawn.

Weeding: Premium weed removal services are available for residential and commercial customers as well. We will look out for the health of your surrounding plants by applying select chemicals for the area you need weed free or hand pulling where necessary. Pet friendly chemicals are also available upon request. 

Mulching: Proper yearly mulching is important to protect your plant beds, help retain moisture during the dry months of the summer, and keep weeds at bay. Plus, there is nothing like a freshly mulched property to make everything look great for your barbecue party this summer. Unfortunately, it's also really rough on the back. Let us take care of it this year! We offer a selection of colors of mulch for you to choose from and would love to help you out. 

Shrub Care: We offer pruning and spacing services for your plant material. It's important to keep plants well trimmed so that they grow properly and stay healthy. Whatever variety of plant you have, we can help you decide what the best time of year it is to give it a hair cut and would love to help save you a mess and sore muscles by doing it for you this year. 

Fall and Spring Clean Up: Twice a year, it seems like we find our flower beds are full of leaves and dead plant material. TriCounty Landscape Creations can help you clear those beds and get everything ready for the winter frost or the spring thaw so that your beds are always ready for the season to come. We can also help you replace things that haven't made it through the winter.

Give us a call at 610.286.4711 to schedule your lawn care or maintenance today!